This Is Me

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Slenk and I am a first-year student at Calvin College. I have a bubbly personality and a vibrant passion for life. Below is a snapshot of my 19 years of life.


I went to Zeeland Christian from preschool to 8th grade. Then I switched to Holland Christian for my four years of high school and now I attend Calvin college. I am a pre-nursing major with a potential Spanish minor. I enjoy learning and am ready to take on any challenge thrown my way.

Free Time and Things I Love:

Some of my favorite ways to spend my free time are going on adventures with friends, being outside, eating, watching netflix, and of course swimming.

I love hugs, smiling, elephants, little plants (or in that case anything mini makes me really happy) Anything that is considered a new experience makes me super excited. I love dessert and food, and I love learning about other people.

Athlete Status:

I am a swimmer on Clavin’s swim and dive team. I swim the 200 backstroke, 200IM and 400IM pretty regularly. Catch me racing my lane mates, laughing with teammates, or spending any spare minutes hanging around the pool any day. The pool is a safe place for me and it’s somewhere I love to be.

Family Life:

I come from a family of 7. My parents, twin sister, and three other younger siblings are huge aspects of my life and I enjoy spending quality time with them. We adventure together, laugh a lot, all of us enjoy being outside, and sometimes random family sing-offs break out.

Why A Blog?

This blog is going to be a way for me to document where I travel to, what I learn, stories from experiences I have, stories I want to share with other, and so much more. One of my favorite things to do is travel around the globe to discover this intricate world I live in.

Below is a list of the places I have gone. This is where many of my stories and experiences will come from. Join me in my journey around the world.


-South Korea


-South Africa





-St. Maartin

-St. Thomas



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